Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

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2019 - 2020 Tasks

In the Autumn Term 2019, the new School Council group have helped our school work on tasks linked to the Wellbeing Award work. Their main tasks have been –

  • Find out about what your class thinks about the Wellbeing work in school. What could we do better?
  • Checking to see if each class has all the non-negotiables on display.
  • Redesign the playtime and lunchtime charter.

The school council group take their role seriously and have found out lots of useful information which will help to make the school an even better place to be. Here is what they thought.

What is working well in school linking to our wellbeing work?

- PE, 5 a day, bikeability, daily mile – it make us active and keeps us fit.

- Free write Friday – we can be creative and get more thinking time.

- Mindfulness activities, gardening, using playdoh, yoga, lego work, role play, mums and dads coming in to school

Is there anything we could improve?

– Make sure we drink lots of water. Eat fruit at break time – we need to make sure we do this!

– relaxed reading time, more noticing activities, more music, silent time to think

These are some great ideas and we will think about how we can do these ideas more in school.

Our newly revised school charters