Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

‘An excellent, happy school, where we enjoy learning’

Autumn 1 Wellbeing day

The children enjoyed their first wellbeing day of the year. They talked about the importance of wellbeing and our school character CLANG the seagull who helps us remember the 5 ways to wellbeing.

The day was broken down into 5 activities…

C- connecting- the children talked about their families and they discussed the similarities and differences between families. It was lovely to find out more about each other.

L- learning- the children learnt about the importance of brushing their teeth and visiting the dentist. They particularly enjoyed learning a teeth brushing song.

A-active Learning- the children had fun moving their bodies and being active.

N- noticing- after all the activity the children took some time to relax and notice their bodies when breathing deeply and slowly.

G-giving- the children learnt that giving does not always need to be a physical gift. They practised being kind and helpful to each other. This is a skill that is continually promoted inside and outside school.