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Cross Country

KS 1 Inter school Cross Country

At the beginning of October,  16 children from Y1 and Y2 ran in cross country competition against 6 other schools, at The Grove. The Y1’s ran first, 45 boys and then 30 girls. Then 45 boys from year 2 and lastly 40 girls set off.

We had watched the KS2 children run their races, watching how they started and finished through the funnel and obviously a much longer distance! The children were reassured they were not running quite that far…..approximately 1 km but still quite hilly and through the woods. The four teams were all amazing. We cheered each other on and fought hard to overtake other schools right at the end before the funnel! We brought back so many medals because so many runners came in the top six in their race. We even got three FIRSTS!! Wow! To top it all we have also won the Overall School Winners Trophy.

Brilliant, well done to all our runners!