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Expressive Arts & Design

Exploring & Using Media & Materials

Exploring & Using Media & Materials 1
Exploring & Using Media & Materials 2
Exploring & Using Media & Materials 3

The children made their own clay owl using a number of techniques to mould the clay adding features with a selection of tools. They also had opportunities to make their own play-dough to squash and squeeze and make objects of interest. 

WALT: Mould materials.  smiley Touch the clay and leave marks  smileysmiley To roll, pinch and push materials  smileysmileysmileyTo pat, squeeze and roll the clay to represent an owl

Being Imaginative

Being Imaginative 1
Being Imaginative 2
Being Imaginative 3

Do The Dinosaur Stomp!

Moving our bodies to music on the IWB as we learn about how Dinosaurs move.

Stomp, stomp, stomp!