Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

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The children worked together to create a number line. We counted together and then talked about which number we needed, using the language before, after, next. We completed the number line accurately, celebrating our 'number skills'.

Shape, Space, Measure

Using the shape tiles to create a dinosaur. The children named the shapes they used. Some of them looked through a book to find a dinosaur, looking carefully at the shapes and creating their own model with the tiles

Number (Time)

We played the game 'Whats the time Mr Dinosaur?' The children had to say the time on the clock and move however may steps the Dinosaur said. They enjoyed using number names and learned that we use o'clock when we talk about time


The children were using addition +1 and subtraction -1 and counting skills to play the bus game together. They rolled the dice and counted the dots adding and taking away people from the bus.

How many people were left on the bus? How many people got off the bus?

Shape, Space & Measure

The Nursery children explored a range a range of different boats, a clay boat, a paper boat, a tin foil boat, toy boats (big and small). They had to predict what might happen to all of the boats?

WALT: explore floating and sinking

 smiley Know if an object is up or down  smileysmiley To say if something is on top or under the water. 

 smileysmileysmiley To explore different objects and think of why they might be floating or sinking.