Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

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Mindfulness Week

Market Drayton Infant School carried out a mindfulness week linked to wellbeing and Eco-Schools. At the start of the week each child and member of staff completed a questionnaire to find out how mindful they were, which was added up to give each person a score.


The week was introduced by an assembly were the children found out what wellbeing meant and a letter was sent home to parents to inform them what was going on. They were invited to do some mindfulness activities at home and bring in any photos of themselves being mindful.


During the week children and staff completed a range of mindfulness activities and at the end of the week the accumulated minutes for each class were added up to find a total. The activities that were completed, for example, were breathing techniques, looking at nature, listening to music, drawing, yoga and lying on their backs and watching the clouds. A total of 28332 minutes or 472.2 hours were completed by the staff and children during the week.


After the week of mindfulness the questionnaires were repeated and a new score was totalled. At the start of the week the average score for being mindful was 22.9 and by the end of the week the average score was 30.2. This shows the children and staff became more aware and more mindful after the week of mindful activities. The children and staff both enjoyed this week with comments like “Lovely to take time out and just be in the moment. We need to make more time for this.” “Children developed the ability to focus on one thing and notice the small things/changes around them.” “Can we do this again?” “It makes me feel relaxed.”


Everyone said they would do this week again and mindfulness and wellbeing is now included in the planning. It would be recommended to other schools “Do it, you will enjoy it and want to do more of it.”