Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

‘An excellent, happy school, where we enjoy learning’

SEND Information Report

At Market Drayton Infant and Nursery School we are an inclusive setting. As a school we feel a responsibility for the development of the whole child, catering for their intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and aesthetic needs in a sensitive way.

This school has a firm commitment to the provision of special needs support for its pupils, and tackles this systematically through the Graduated Approach of assess, plan, do and review. This also involves identification, monitoring, support and collaboration with others. We value the expertise of parents and work closely with them as partners, with the school upholding a policy of parental involvement from the earliest stages of identification. Parents are always informed at every stage of assessment. We value the voice of the child and talk to them regularly about their aspirations and targets.

All children must be given equal opportunities to develop and progress irrespective of gender, race, physical ability, emotional development, social background or intellectual capability.   Focus and concern regarding the needs of the more able and gifted children are of equal concern within this school, and enrichment and extension activities are provided, where necessary, across the curriculum.