Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

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In October the children had their second very successful Well Being afternoon, this time for the present Y1s. The weather wasn’t the best for the daily mile part of the afternoon for the parents – but they managed to keep on running! Some of our top runners from the cross country competition were asked to cut the tape for each class, as a grand opening of the Daily Mile track. The children had great fun showing their parents what they do and were able to explain the amazing benefits of running daily.

“The Four F’s” – Fun, Friendship, Fresh air and above all Fitness.

Keep on running!!

Opening of the Daily Mile Track!

Well being Advent Calendar

Over Christmas the children learnt all about advent. This year we decided to explore a well being advent calendar. During this time the children we able to participate in lots of activities to promote a positive attitude. A few favourites were; telling jokes, dancing, doodling and giving a gold star to another child in your class for something positive they had shown throughout the day.