Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

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In art this year the Year 2 children are focusing on the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Rousseau.

Through looking at lots of examples of his work, learning about his techniques and finding out about his life, the children developed an affection for 'Vincent'. Sketches of 'The Yellow House' went on to inspire other drawings of buildings in Market Drayton that were then developed into clay tiles, painted in tints and tones of orange and yellow. Yellow became important again when the children explored tints and tones to create stunning paintings of sunflowers. 

Now the children have begun to explore some of the leafy, jungle paintings of Rousseau and have been fascinated to learn that he never visited a real jungle but used his visits to the Paris Botanical Gardens and a heap of imagination. This has proved aspirational for them, realising that imagination is everywhere and the sky is the limit!

Inspired by Van Gogh

Inspired by Rousseau- Jungle painting

Using yellow and blue with a little white, the children explored a 'dipping and dabbing' technique of mixing shades of green on the paper. Rotating the paper meant that their leaves came across the page at different angles as in a real jungle.