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Did you know?

We wear white science jackets when we are in our science lessons.

Our science learning journey

The threshold concepts (what we should understand) in science are:

- Work scientifically

- Investigate living things, materials, light and seeing, sound and hearing

- Understand how we grow and change, electrical circuits, animals and humans, plants, movement and forces and the Earth's movement in space

- Investigate materials

Home learning

We are given some homework ideas that we can do at home over the year. This matches the learning that we are doing in class. Our teachers love to see this learning and share it with the rest of our class. 

Home learning ideas to download

Knowledge organisers for Year 1 and 2

You can download these here.

If you came in to my lesson this is what you will see...

- Us wearing our white lab coats

- Working collaboratively

- Exploring ideas

- Asking and answering questions

- Developing and using our science vocabulary

- Developing and using our investigative skills.


What a lesson looks like

We start by recapping out learning so far. We do this through

- Quizzes

- Discussions

- Reviewing our learning journeys

- Looking back in our floor books


Then we like to be active

- We often work together in pairs or groups to develop our science knowledge or vocabulary.

- We might be planning or carrying out an investigation.

- During an investigation we develop our skills in things like

Making predictions

Carrying out a fair test

Making observation and measurements

Recording results

Coming to a conclusion.