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Across the Early Years Foundation Stage, we love to learn maths and love to explore using different maths equipment. We work on skills in our lessons that help us with our own learning in Continuous Provision. In Reception our lessons are more frequent and we have a learning journey that explains our learning to us for the week and in lessons we talk about what we have learnt before to help us with our new learning. It all links together. To remind us about our learning journey in maths you will see a poster in our classrooms that looks like this.


In our maths lessons we will learn about:

- Numbers

- Calculations

- Shape, Space and Measures

- Data Handling

Through all of these areas of maths we learn to solve problems and reason (explain our thinking). We use our learning sometimes to help us in other subjects which gives us the chance to revisit and use the knowledge we have gained. 

What equipment do we use to help us with our maths learning?

Home learning in Reception

We are given different types of homework over each term. Our teachers love to see this learning and we can take it in to school to show them. Some of our home learning activities include:

- Our Learn It books to help us recall number facts quickly. This is given to us in Reception and we keep it until the end of Year 2. We have three new steps each year to learn. This year we need to learn Step 1, 2 and 3. In Reception we have an envelope with these facts in to learn, just like learning to read words.

- Maths games to play with our families. These are sometimes linked to Learn It facts.

- Some ideas of activities we can do at home on a homework sheet. This is given to us in our homework pack at the start of each term.


Home Learning Ideas in Reception (Termly)

Learn It Booklets

Here are the three steps we will be learning in Reception.