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In order to teach writing, we place a high emphasis on the fact that children need to be able to talk about what they want to say before they are able to write it.  This has helped to shape our writing curriculum and how we teach writing. 

As writers we want children to:

Implementation - How Do We Deliver the Writing Curriculum?

Our children are provided with a variety of opportunities to develop, extend and deepen their writing skills in and across each phase of education. In Nursery and Reception, the learning of writing follows the Early Years Foundation Stages Framework. Children are given opportunities to extend their understanding of language learning through play and investigation, developing their characteristics of learning. The National Curriculum 2014 describes what must be taught in key stage 1.


Our writing curriculum sets out to:

  1. Provide opportunities to explore a variety of different genres and to be exposed regularly to high quality texts, providing a model for pupils to aspire to;
  2. The ‘threshold concepts’ pupils should understand;
  3. Criteria for progression within the threshold concepts.


Range of Writing Genres for Years 1 and 2

Threshold concepts

Milestone 1


Threshold Concepts


Present neatly

This concept involves developing an understanding of handwriting and clear presentation.

Spell correctly

This concept involves understanding the need for accuracy.

Punctuate accurately

This concept involves understanding that punctuation adds clarity to writing.



Write with purpose

This concept involves understanding the purpose or purposes of a piece of writing

Use imaginative description

This concept involves developing an appreciation of how best to convey ideas through description.

Organise writing appropriately

This concept involves developing an appreciation of how best to convey ideas through description.

Use paragraphs

This concept involves understanding how to group ideas so as to guide the reader.

Use sentences appropriately

This concept involves using different types of sentences appropriately for both clarity and for effect.


Analysis and Presentation

Analyse writing

This concept involves understanding how grammatical choices give effect and meaning to writing.

Present writing

This concept involves learning to reflect upon writing and reading it aloud to others.

Writing book look with parents

In school we have been showing off our writing to our parents. Parents were invited in to school to look at our work. Parents were asked to write a comment with their child about the learning that they saw. 


Some of the things parents said were:



Below are some of the pictures of us sharing the learning.