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School Council Present on Mental Health Award Day 2020

Presentation by School Council to Wellbeing Award assessor

This video shows our School Council children explaining to the external assessor about how we use CLANG in school to support our wellbeing. CLANG was invented by Mrs Scott based around the Five Ways to Wellbeing.
Our School Council children did an amazing job of presenting their information.

Transcript for the video


CLANG - Helps us with our wellbeing all the time in school and outside. The character CLANG helps us to remember he is making a noise about wellbeing. It is displayed in the classroom and all around school to help us remember what we should be doing. It is for the children and the adults. It is the 5 ways to wellbeing.


C is Connecting. When we connect we have the chance to be with other people. We say hello in the morning, talk to others, collaborate and write emails to each other. We like to help or talk if there is a problem or we are worried. 


L is for Learning. Everyday is a learning day. We learn lots of things. My favourite learning has been about Henri Rousseau because I love art.


A is for Active. We are active everyday by doing our daily mile. We love PE in school and sometimes we do yoga. In reception children do lots of 5 a day.


N is for noticing. When we notice it could be going for a walk around the playground or outside school. You might stop and look at the flowers. It is about taking the time to do this. In school we took part in the mindfulness minutes project where we learn to notice more. We like to look at the shapes of the clouds.


G is for Giving. Giving is not about giving a present. We might give love, smiles, a hug, say nice things, have cake and compliments, make friends happy or give encouragement to others when they are struggling.