Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

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Music Mark 2021


Music Mark’s vision is for “Accessible and excellent musical learning and engagement in and out of school, for all children and young people, which inspires and enriches their lives.” 


Music Mark are the UK’s subject association for music education, with a membership made up of organisations and people from across the whole music education sector.


“Music Mark works to support music teachers and the organisations they work for, to build connections within and beyond the music education ecosystem, and influence music education policy and practice.”  Bridget Whyte – Chief Executive


Music Mark strive for an inclusive, high quality music education for all and work in partnership with their members and other organisations in the sector to ensure a quality music education provision for all children and young people.


What is music mark?

Music Mark is a membership organisation which works to lead high-quality music education by influencing, supporting and connecting. Specifically: Influencing decision makers. Helping them to understand the important contribution that music makes to every school.


How do you achieve the Music Mark?

To achieve the Music Mark, we provided evidence of curriculum development, professional development of staff and the opportunities we provide for our children in school.


Shropshire Music Service have been delivering on-site weekly ocarina and ukulele sessions to all pupils in KS1. 



As in previous years later in the Summer Term, we have invited the amazing Key Strings Musical Education in for a day.


Their live musical performances offer your pupils an immersive experience of music that has been designed by professional musicians and teachers to perfectly enhance and complement our existing musical education.