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Expressive Arts and Design

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In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we are encouraged to take part in a variety of activities such as music, art, role-play, singing and dancing this is called 'Expressive Arts and Design'. All of these activities help us to develop imagination and creativity.


We are taught lots of different mark making techniques in art and in Reception we are given our own sketchbook to keep as we move through school. As musicians, we are encouraged to explore the sounds of lots of different musical instruments and we are always learning new songs to sing.


Influential Artists

In Nursery we look at our learning through the artist Paul Klee; he loves to make art work using shapes, which helps us with learning our shapes in maths. In Reception we look at the work of Georges Seurat who uses Pointillism. This is a technique of painting where small dots of colour are used to make patterns in order to make a picture.


If you came in to one of my lessons you would see:

  • Collaboration
  • Working as artists, musicians, actors and dancers
  • Revisiting learning, including vocabulary
  • Reminder of new learning
  • Talking about my learning


Our learning in action!

We love continuous provision where we can practise the skills taught in lesson time. This is when we can make the best use of our acting skills in the role play area and make up dances to the music we hear.    

It is really important through all of our learning that we make sure we use equipment safely and correctly and we often talk about this in our lessons.