Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

‘An excellent, happy school, where we enjoy learning’



At Market Drayton Infant and Nursery School we are determined that every child will learn to read by Year 2. As a school we aim to develop:

  • Excellent phonic knowledge and skills.
  • Fluency and accuracy in reading across a wide range of contexts throughout the curriculum.
  • Knowledge of an extensive and rich vocabulary.
  • An excellent comprehension of texts.
  • The motivation to read for both study and for pleasure.
  • Extensive knowledge through having read a rich and varied range of texts


A coherently planned reading curriculum

 Our reading curriculum sets out:

  1. To provide a structured and systematic approach to the learning and teaching of phonics. From January 2022, we are implementing the Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) programme for the teaching of phonics. 
  2. To ensure children make good progress in their acquisition of phonic knowledge and have books with the sounds they have learnt while they are learning to read.
  3. To ensure children’s phonic knowledge supports their acquisition of reading and writing skills, including correct letter formation and handwriting.
  4. To develop children’s comprehension and understanding of a range of texts using the simple model of reading.
  5. To develop a love of reading and literature.  



Teaching of reading at Market Drayton Infant and Nursery School

 There are five methods covered in this policy that are involved in the teaching of reading:

  • Phonics
  • Individual reading 
  • Guided reading
  • Whole class reading
  • Developing a love of reading


Phonics linked reading books

Individual reading books are directly linked to the phonics programme and match the individual children's needs. Children will be given phonics  books that enable them to practise phonemes they have yet to master. 


All children will receive one phonics book until they have passed the phonics screening check. When the children are ready, they will receive a non-decodable book. Books are changed every Friday.


Developing a love of reading

Reading for pleasure is just as important as giving the children books linked to their learning and each week they will be given the opportunity to choose a book from the class library. Nursery have a lending library on a Wednesday and 'den in a bag' once a week. 


Use of the library

Children will have a book from the class library to take home each week as well as their reading book. Book corners should be organised and inspirational.  


The main library is open twice a week at lunch time.  


Children in Years 1, 3 and 5 will visit the Town Library. 



Telling stories is something that we make sure we do a lot of in our schools.  To make sure that the children have a range of books that we cover, we use a 'reading spine'.  The reading spine gives a range of books to cover within the year group and this forms the basis for the choice of our texts as well as our author collection. 


Author collections

We think that it is important the the children get to know a range of authors.  We have put together author collections which mean that the children can get to know various authors and this will help to broaden their reading choices.  



Working with Parents

In Reception parents are expected to attend a phonics workshop in the autumn term.   


 All parents receive a leaflet on how to support their child with reading in Y1 and 2 in September.


It is our aim that a parent should hear their child read Monday-Thursday and once at the weekend.  The class teacher will communicate with families who are not reading regularly with their child at home to encourage them and support them with this.  




 Reading is assessed in a variety of ways, linked to phonics, individual, guided and whole class reading.