Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

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Eco Schools


We aim to give all children as much experience as they can to love the world around them and make sense of it. We give the children responsibilities to help look after our class and school, which develops respect for our town and world.

We aim to nurture knowledge, kindness, wisdom, and desire to make our school a more eco-friendly place and ultimately to be part of a more sustainable world. We promote awareness of national campaigns to highlight ways to respect the environment.

Our Values – Eco Schools




  • Eco monitors
  • Eco Group meetings
  • Working together - pairs, groups, class, year group
  • Links with the Town Council for Road Safety
  • Links with other subject areas e.g. data in maths; PSHE, geography, looking after the world.
  • Respect for our classroom and school
  • Respect for Market Drayton Town
  • Respect for our World
  • Respect for the environment
  • Eco School activities help to develop respect for the wider environment and how we live our lives impacts on this



  • Awareness of national campaigns e.g. Brake and Fair Trade
  • Inclusion and equality for all children to access the Eco Schools
  • Wanting to make the world a better place
  • Everyone has a go – exciting, fun for all
  • How the children can positively impact the world around them  through  Eco Schools events, such as Switch off Fortnight, Walk to School Week, help us to realise how we can help to respect the environment.



The Eco-Schools programme is focused on ten key topics. These are:



Global Citizenship

Healthy Living



School Grounds





The Eco School committee complete an environmental review and this raises which areas the school are going to work on during the year.

Eco Committee

The children then work on targets as a school and join in national campaigns to help achieve these targets, these then go towards a Green Flag Award.


Each year the children take part in:

Road Safety Week - Brake

Switch Off Fortnight - The Pod

Big Schools’ Birdwatch – RSPB

Fairtrade Fortnight

Waste Week – The Pod

Walk to School Week – Living Streets


The Eco-Committee prepared for a visit from some assessors to see if our school can achieve the Green Flag Award. We are pleased to say that we were awarded this.

Green Flag Award

Switch Off Fortnight

A big well done to everyone for taking part in our switch off electricity morning. The children have realised how many things use electricity.

The children have made posters and each class now has a light monitor. More children are remembering to turn off the lights which is saving energy and helping to save the planet.

Happy Shoesday

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