Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

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Governors: Who we are...

Who we are.


NamePostTerm of OfficeBusiness Interests
Samantha ScottExecutive Headteacher Ex-OfficioOngoingPartner Trustee Board Member. Mother employed in Site Team
Kerry SimmonsHead of School Ex-OfficioOngoingHusband employed in Site Team
Julie Meijueiro (Chair)Trust Board Appointedfrom 26.01.21 until 25.10.25None
Ros Thomas (Vice Chair)Co-opted Governorfrom 04.06.22 until 03.06.26None
Andy WatkissTrust Board Appointedfrom 01.06.23 until 31.05.27Director of Mount Lane Day Care Nursery Ltd
Sarah KynastonCo-opted Governorfrom 01.04.23 until 31.03.27None
Pete WilliamsTrust Board Appointedfrom 25.10.19 until 24.10.27None
Alexandra StanleyParent Governorfrom 13.03.23 until 12.03.27None
Dan BrettParent Governorfrom 23.06.23 until 22.06.27None

Julie Meijueiro, Chair of Governors

My name is Julie Meijueiro, Chair of Governors and I work for Early Help in Children’s Services for Shropshire Council as a Parenting Practitioner. I have previously had 13 years’ experience of working in primary schools both as a member of staff and as a governor. My specialty is in teaching children with specific learning difficulties namely Dyslexia, supporting both children and their parents as well as the wider community and have a wide knowledge base in Safeguarding.
I am passionate about supporting children’s happiness and early intervention within their education journey enabling them to reach their learning potential regardless of their backgrounds. I fully support the Empower Trusts Vision of being able to Inspire, Empower and Achieve.


Samantha Scott, Executive Headteacher 

My name is Samantha Scott, I have been the Executive Headteacher over Market Drayton Infant and Nursery School and Market Drayton Junior School since September 2020. I am committed to improving the education and standards within our schools and beyond. Through collaborative work across the two schools, we have developed a broad, balanced curriculum, underpinned by our values, to provide a clear curriculum offer that runs from early years, through to the end of Key Stage 2.  

I am dedicated to working collaboratively across schools in Empower Academy Trust and beyond.  I have worked with the local authority as a consultant headteacher, worked with the teaching school to secure a bid for early years’ development in North Shropshire.  I currently represent North Shropshire academies on the Central Policy Group with the Local Authority.  


Kerry Simmons, Head of School

My name is Kerry Simmons, I have been Head of School at Market Drayton Infant School since September 2020 and have worked in this school and community since 2002. Within this time, I have seen a lot of change and been part of the school growing and developing. With Sam Scott as Executive Headteacher over the Infant and Junior School we are now working more collaboratively and providing children with a progressive and consistent curriculum.

In my time as Deputy Headteacher prior to this role, I had many opportunities to work beyond the school including organising Early Years training for North Shropshire, supporting schools in Shropshire with their maths curriculum and have been part of the Shropshire Moderating Team for Key Stage One. Collaborative working has enabled me to experience working in a variety of schools, with a variety of schemes, supporting colleagues with the development of subject knowledge, curriculum delivery, pedagogy and assessment.


Ros Thomas, Vice Chair

My name is Ros Thomas, Vice Chair of Governors and Link Governor for Special Needs and Pupil Premium.  I taught English at Grove School, Market Drayton for 28 years from Yr 7 to A level and was Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator and Teacher/Librarian.

I now feel privileged to have the opportunity to participate in education in the early years where the foundation for a love of learning is established.  I have always had a keen interest in all aspects of education especially the development of language, reading and literature. To teach a child to read and write is to offer them a precious gift that will open opportunities for life and I feel very lucky to play a part in this at Market Drayton Infants School.  I am very proud of all that the school is achieving.


Sarah Kynaston 

My name is Sarah Kynaston and I am a co-opted governor.  I began my teaching career many years ago at Market Drayton Infant School and currently work at St Peter's CE Primary and Nursery School in Wem; another of our Trust schools. I have been a part of Empower Trust since it began and have worked with and in many of our family of schools.  Market Drayton and its families has a special place in my heart.  I am passionate about improving the futures of our children and young adults and couldn't imagine myself in any other role!  I seek to actively engage families and our local community as we all know it takes a village to raise a child.


Andy Watkiss

My name is Andy Watkiss and I am a Trust Board Appointed Governor.

I am also one of the Owners and Directors of Mount Lane Day Care Nursery Limited and have had day to day involvement with children, parents and staff ever since we started in 1990. The Nursery started as a concept idea and only a handful of children, but now we currently have over 250 children on our registers. Early Years education has been a very important part of my life and I will try to help as many families as possible in and around Market Drayton.

I posses a lot of skills which I can add to our Governing Body, from financial planning to staff appraisals.


Cath James, Staff Governor

I am a local person with sons who have been educated at all local schools.

I have worked at Market Drayton Infant and Nursery for nearly 18 years and for most of that time I was a Key-Person in Nursery 2.

More recently I have gained a qualification in Speech and Language. I am passionate about supporting children in this area and am lucky to be working in a team that share this passion.

Being a Governor supports my involvement in school and the wider community. It supports the building of positive relationships with parents, which is paramount when supporting children that require early intervention.

Supporting children in their speech/language development allows them to fully engage in learning and most importantly the enjoyment of school life, which in turn promotes the Trust’s ethos and vision.


Pete Williams

My name is Peter Williams and I’m a senior civil servant, currently Deputy Director of Specialisms for the Government Internal Audit Agency, leading teams that audit most central government departments (including the Department for Education).

I live just around the corner from Market Drayton Infant and Nursery School and have sons currently in year 1 and at the nursery.

I’m passionate about using my professional skills and experience to support the school as it works to enable children to fulfil their potential. I’m frequently inspired by the school’s leadership and staff and am entirely confident that this is a setting where my children, and others, will learn, thrive and be happy.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can help in any way.


Alexandra Stanley, Parent Governor

As the Chief Executive Officer of an International Scientific Union, I have not only gained extensive experience in strategic planning and organizational management but also witnessed the transformative power of education and outreach. I have always been passionate about making science accessible and engaging for learners of all ages. 

As a parent, I understand the pivotal role that early education plays in shaping the foundation of a child's future. I am committed to ensuring that our infant school continues to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where our children can thrive and develop a lifelong love for learning. I believe that effective communication and engagement between parents, educators, and the school leadership are essential for creating a positive learning environment and I aim to to bridge these connections, ensuring that the voices of parents are heard and considered in the decision-making processes that impact our children's education.


Dan Brett, Parent Governor

I live locally and have a vested interest in the success of schools in the area. I work in the private/commercial sales sector and carry skills from finance through to developing, implementing and managing strategy, which I hope will serve me well as a parent governor.

I am passionate about supporting the local area, to help where possible to ensure all children are given the opportunity to succeed in education.


Attendance at Governors' Meetings 

Governors NamePostAutumn 20Spring   21Summer 21Autumn 21Spring    22Summer 22Autumn 22Spring  23Summer 23Autumn 23Spring   24Summer 24
Mrs Samantha ScottExecutive Headteacher üüüüü  üüüüüüA
Mrs Kerry SimmonsHead of School üüüüü  üüüüüüü
Julie Meijueiro (Chair)Trust Board AppointedüüüA üüüüüüü
Ros Thomas Vice Chair – Co-opted üüüüü  üüüüüüü
Andy WatkissTrust Board AppointedAüüAü üüüüAü
Sarah KynastonCo-opted Governorüüüüü AüüüAüü
Peter WilliamsTrust Board Appointedüüüü AüüüüüA
Alexandra StanleyParent Governor        üüüü
Dan BrettParent Governor        N/AüüA