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Commonwealth Games

As part of the celebrations of the Commonwealth Games, school were sent copies of children’s storybook ‘Leon’s Magic Mantra’ to use to support well-being and curriculum delivery. This was shared with them during the last week of term.


It is the third book in the Generations series, written with elite athlete Leon Taylor, Olympic diving medalist and Team GB coach, and Sarah Griffiths, Telford based children’s author.


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Leon’s Magic Mantra is the inspirational story of the early life of diving Olympic medallist Leon Taylor. The story takes children on a journey through Leon’s younger years, sharing how little Leon was full of energy and excitement. Leon’s parents introduced him to many sports to channel his energy in a positive way. As Leon gets older, he finds he has a real talent for diving, and we learn about the influential people in his life. The story follows Leon as he faces challenges, and we are introduced to the specific techniques that he used to overcome the fear he was faced with. Leon’s inspirational story shares how we can all

connect with the magic inside ourselves.


The story invites children and families to talk about their dreams and aspirations together.


There is a ‘Time to Talk and Listen’ section at the back of the book that guides parents, grandparents, and caregivers to develop practices with children that will have a positive impact on their lives.


By using the following link your parents and community can order a copy of ‘Leon’s Magic Mantra’ at £6.99 discounted from the £8.99 retail price.


We hope that you enjoy reading ‘Leon’s Magic Mantra’ with your children.


Thank you

Generations Team

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