Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School

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Websites for you to use at home

Take a look at one of these Traditional Tales told by Pie Corbett. Try to join in with his actions and words and then have a go at writing the story yourself. 


Our learning

In writing lessons we have threshold concepts (this is what we should understand) which we return to. These are:

- Present neatly

- Spell correctly

- Punctuate accurately


We will

- Write with a purpose

- Use imaginative descriptions

- Organise our writing (including using paragraphs and sentences appropriately)


- Check our writing

- Present our writing.


Using sound mats to help us with our writing

You can also download them here along with copies of the Harder to Read and Spell words we learn in school.

If you came in to my lesson this is what you would see

- Use of text maps

- Using my phonics to sound out words

- Trying to form my letters correctly

- Using punctuation

- Being creative with the words I use