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Communication and Language

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In Early Years, our teachers help us to use good communication and language. They help us to speak clearly, pay attention, listen and understand. We do this in lots of different ways like; listening to stories, answering and asking questions, talking about our feelings and making up our own stories and games in our play. 


Big Talk helps us learn new words and these words make our sentences even better! Sometimes 'Talk' homework will be sent home, this might look like a text map that we have been practising in setting. 


If you came into one of our lessons, you will see:

- Collaboration, Aspirations, Respect, Perseverance

- Good listening

- Imagination

- Revisiting new vocabulary

- Practising using vocabulary 


Special Educational Needs

Mrs Wylie (Reception and KS1) and Mrs James (N1 and N2) work with us on speech and language. They help us practise when we find something tricky through playing lots of games to help our skills in listening and talking. 


Examples of Big Talk homework: