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Physical Development

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Gross motor and fine motor development 

Physical Development is where we practise movements and skills to build muscle strength throughout our body. We are so lucky that in Reception we have two lessons of PE a week that cover gymnastics, games, athletics or dance.

Across the Early Years, we get the chance to practise these skills in our continuous provision where we can use music to dance, relax with cosmic yoga, make up playground games and be involved in Bikeability. All of of these activities help strengthen our core muscles.


As well as developing our gross (big muscle) motor skills, we have to make sure our fine motor (small finger muscles) are busy getting stronger too. This is to give us strength to be able to hold writing equipment to write. The teachers give us lots of opportunities to develop these muscles, we can use the peg boards, threading cards, pattern boards, sewing, painting, drawing / colouring, chalks, water painting, using pegs on a washing line, tweezers and pouring activities. 


If you came in to one of my lessons you would see...

- Active learning

- Perseverance

- Revisiting learning, including vocabulary

- Reminder of new learning

- Talking about my learning

Our learning in action!