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Cross Country

Cross Country Competition

4th November 2021

Well what a superb morning for our Cross Country runners! The weather was perfect. We walked to the event through town, what an extremely well behaved group!

We arrived at the school gate and the Yr 6 runners were just setting off. So we could see how it all worked, the long start line and the funnel at the end.

The Year 2s ran first, boys and girls together. There were 53 runners in total from six Market Drayton schools. We had 3 runners in the top 9 in the boy’s race. Amazingly, we had all our four girls in the top 5!!! They were fantastic. Then the Yr 1’s ran. They were not daunted by this event! The boys and girls ran together again all across a long start line. They also had to follow the “hare”. There were 46 runners in their race. Well just as amazing… we had all four boy runners in the top 6. And in the girls we came first and second and all four came in the top 12!

They have all excelled themselves. Mrs Line was so proud to take them – super representatives of our school and our values, supporting each other, trying their hardest and working together as a team. A very big well done to all!